Tips for Working from Home

At IBC, we certainly understand the transitions needed and anticipate organizations will need to be more flexible with both employees and the members you serve.

We also recognize the need to adjust remote or work-from-home habits and would like to share a few tips from our team to help you cope in this “social-distancing” world. Take a look:

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  1. Get up and get dressed (even put on some makeup almost every day) so that I feel like I am working. I wear less casual but do not stay in PJs.
  2. Have a dedicate workspace that is away from TV/distractions.
  3. At the end of your workday, close the laptop and transition to family/personal time. Even closing the door to the home office (if applicable) to separate workspace from home space.
  4. To keep your team productive, do quick daily huddles (what was not completed yesterday, what to accomplish today, what issues were encountered). It helps to keep people accountable.
  5. Work from a schedule/task list and create a “break/lunch break”.
  6. We use software called Sococo (which is a virtual office where people have offices and you can knock/screen share and cameras, etc.)
  7. Talk to co-workers/external people (this helps with feeling isolated). Our teams touch base in the mornings (mentioned above) and we occasionally do a virtual happy hour where we try to catch up.
  8. Step outside once or twice during the day for fresh air and to ‘disconnect’. It’s easy to feel obligated to always be at your desk so you don’t miss any messages. It’s important to take a few minutes once or twice during the workday to go outside. Or split time with different locations. When I don’t have meeting-heavy mornings, I’ll bring my laptop to the kitchen counter and work standing up for a bit while having coffee. I get through my emails & organize my day – while taking a break from the home office. The physical toll on the body is hard so alternating between sitting & standing is key, if that’s an option. Otherwise, you’ll want to make sure you move your body around throughout the day.
  9. Make your bed – 1st thing in the morning (you will be less likely to get back in it).
  10. Straighten & clean your desk/office work area each day.
  11. If you caught the bus to work. Walk to the bus stop in the morning (just as you did when you were not working from home) and walk back before you start work. Can do the same thing in the evening when you are finished for the day.
  12. Do not eat anything until you achieve a certain step count (work for food).
  13. You have kids at home that are school-aged – their tendency is to walk into your office and ask you questions at any time. If you give them a couple of different time slots and tell them you will be available during those times, they typically will give you space to do your work and save their questions/issues/arguments for your time slots. They just need to know that you will make time for them and it may save you from getting frustrated with them walking in and out of your office all day.

If you have other helpful “work from home” tips, let us know and we’ll add them here.

Stay healthy and productive!
-The IBC Team

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