mosaic apps

Your biggest membership challenges—solved with mosaic apps.

Transform the way you engage with your members! Built for your convenience, mosaic appsprovide engagement tools that create value and provide a great user experience for your members. mosaic appsobjective is to help further your revenue generation, cost reduction, and user experience goals in a cost-effective manner. 

Our Products Include: 

  • mosaic 365™ – an exceptional experience on mobile devices
  • hub & space™ – a revolutionary personalized and engaging platform
  • cert central™ – easily manage and track CE credits 
  • check-in app™ – fast and easy on-site check-in 

We provide an unbeatable combination of forums, newsfeeds, resources, events, and more – across desktops, mobile devices, and virtual spaces. 

Transform the way you engage with your members! 

If you’re looking to create new revenue streams, provide members with quick mobile access to register for programs and membership renewal, streamline continuing education management, and enable members to connect with each other in an instant, we’ve got you covered.  

When you harness the unbridled power of the mosaic appsplatform with iMIS integration from IBC, you can exceed member expectations through convenient, timely communications and multiple engagement opportunities 365 days a year. Isn’t it time to focus on building successful productive long-term associations with the people who matter most? The next generation of innovative technology to empower your organization and optimize your operations starts here. 

Simplify every key process and address every major obstacle your members are likely to face. 

With IBC and the mosaic apps™ in your corner, transforming user experiences has never been easier. Contact our experts today.

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