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Dreaming of a purpose-built platform that’s designed for your unique needs? Welcome to iMIS Engagement Management System.

iMIS is an Engagement Management System (EMS)™ that enables your organization to engage members, donors, and other constituents – as well as your staff – anytime, anywhere, on any device. Streamline processes, automate mundane tasks, unlock new opportunities, and grow your business like never before. From small-staff associations to enterprise-level non-profits, the iMIS EMS delivers for organizations of all types and sizes.

Get growing faster.

iMIS is built for connections. It seamlessly fuses your member and donor data with your web presence to directly connect you and your members, putting you in the driver’s seat for deeper more meaningful interactions. And with all of your member and donor data flowing through one data source, your organization will be able to eliminate time-consuming tasks, create personalized constituent experiences, and discover new, untapped opportunities for expanding your membership base.
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Our full menu of smart, tailored solutions provides the best iMIS experience for you and your constituents:
ASI Chairman's Circle Award 2023

iMIS Implementation

Thoughtful configuration is the key to effective software solutions. In today’s dynamic, rapidly-evolving landscape, a strategic implementation plan is what your organization needs to thrive and reap the full impact of the technology. The industry-leading Engagement Management System, iMIS is built to respond to the specific issues that membership organizations like yours face every day. Better yet, iMIS is ready to handle your unique complexities right out of the gate, so you can launch with confidence and enjoy positive results from the start.

iMIS Upgrades & EMS Cloud Migration

The experienced professionals at Intuitive Business Concepts will guide you through effortless iMIS upgrades and the last upgrade you’ll ever to migrate to the iMIS EMS cloud migration. On the iMIS EMS cloud platform, you will receive automatic upgrades that ensure the latest features and most advanced technologies are always made available to your communities.

Award-Winning Consulting

At IBC, everything we do is designed to help our clients feel good about technology. This shared vision in our company culture, along with our responsive, client-centric philosophies, is the foundation of our business. Our talented team has decades of experience and we pride ourselves on delivering superior iMIS solutions that seamlessly blend your business processes with our keen understanding of the software and its many capabilities. Rely on us to devise innovative, industry-leading tools that allow you to configure and extend iMIS to do everything you want it to.

iMIS Tune-Ups

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re making the most of your iMIS system? You have the right system, you just need a tune-up to re-engineer your use of it. IBC’s veteran team can quickly audit your business processes to ensure that you’re fully utilizing your iMIS investment. Rely on our experts to ask all the right questions and deliver the most advantageous solutions to get you working at peak performance and assisting with your organization’s digital transformation.

Business Process Analysis

Does it seem like you’re mired in paperwork and endless technical minutia? Your organization should be focused on accomplishing your important mission, not fighting to get out of the weeds. When it’s done right, technology adapts with ease, allowing users to handle day-to-day operations with maximum efficiency and minimal stress. Our seasoned team can help you realize the full complement of powerful benefits that lie within your iMIS membership software so you can eliminate the time-consuming details and concentrate on the big picture.

Custom Solution Development

There are times when even the most innovative, robust software technology needs a one-up. That’s because great technology can sometimes be made even better with the addition of specialized adjustments that respond to the unique needs of the organization. IBC’s seasoned developers are unparalleled experts in the iMIS platform and REST APIs. Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Premier Payment Integration

Accept payments from your members the fast, secure way. iMIS Pay Central powered by Global Payments is the top choice for credit card processing in the U.S. and Canada. This premier payment processing technology allows dues, donations, event fees, merchandise, and other transactions to be processed safely and efficiently, saving time and increasing your organization’s revenues.

Website Design & Development

Put your best face to the world. In today’s digital landscape, your website is your organization’s calling card so it needs to reflect what you’re all about in a compelling, interesting way. Lucky for you, iMIS software installs with a powerful Content Management Systems called RiSE that has captivating, responsive website templates built right in. Plus, they’re beautiful and user-friendly. Our experts can even assist you in styling your iMIS website to perfectly express your organization’s brand and vision.
If you’ve longed to forge meaningful, enduring member and donor connections, now is the time to make it happen. Give your constituents amazing experiences and wow them with exceptional, personalized service. No one can make iMIS EMS membership software work more effectively for you than IBC.

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