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 “It’s hard to find the information I’m looking for on your site.” “I found what I needed yesterday, but I can’t seem to locate it now.” If you’ve heard it all before, then it’s time for FUSE Search. FUSE works on any website and searches all of your organization’s content, no matter where it resides. By unifying text and documents from across all sources, including third-party vendors, your members will be treated to a helpful comprehensive overview of all your content. No more user confusion and frustration. Instead, they’ll be enlightened and amazed by what they’ve been missing and you’ll reap the rewards. Instantly connect your members to the information they need? No problem.

Elevate your information management.

As digital information increases at unprecedented rates, your members require faster, more efficient and more reliable ways to locate and retrieve the facts they need. FUSE Search is designed for organizations like yours, with digital assets distributed across multiple data archives, cloud sources, and social platforms. You can even make searching fun with rich, dynamic, result interactions and customized experiences to encourage repeat visits. Powerful analytics provide valuable metric data that allows you to better understand just precisely what information your members are looking for. Top it all off with sleek, best-in-class mobile integration that delivers data in a hurry. FUSE Search puts your association in the driver’s seat.

Let’s show your members what they’ve been missing. By leveraging the muscle of IBC and FUSE Search, your organization can take member search experiences from exasperating to extraordinary. Contact our experts today.

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