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At IBC, we know that member engagement becomes easier and more effective when it’s enhanced by timely, meaningful interactions. Higher Logic’s robust online community and marketing automation platforms work to connect your members to each other and with your organization. Build member engagement by sending personalized messages. Bring members together to interact, share resources and engage on a deeper level. Mine and analyze data reflecting member behavior, interests and preferences. Drive better recruitment, retention and increased revenue. Higher Logic tracks and manages every aspect of your member engagement, collecting meaningful interactions along each stage of their journey and delivering valuable new insights and reporting for your organization. The best part? IBC’s team of experts can fully and seamlessly integrate these powerful platforms directly into your iMIS system.

We take integrations seriously at Higher Logic.

IBC’s skilled team puts decades of technical expertise to work to deliver the many benefits of the Higher Logic platform, quickly and easy. Our fully upgradeable, secure solution accommodates a variety of flexible deployment models, and we ensure compatibility with all iMIS versions. With a one-time configuration, your database acts as the central hub of information and the Higher Logic platform seamlessly becomes the center of the user experience. Rely on IBC’s seasoned implementation team to set your membership organization up for success.

Isn’t it time to grow your organization’s relevancy? IBC and Higher Logic make it easy for your members to connect and engage. Contact our experts today.

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