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Hodgepodge is never the best way to go.

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If your applicants are still submitting their information via cumbersome emails and unwieldly attachments, there’s definitely a better, more efficient way to go. With Open Water’s digital all-in-one software platform, your organization can easily collect any type of application, along with its supporting documents, and provide it for online review throughout all phases—all the way to the final award. Time tested and approved by organizations of all types and sizes, this cutting-edge technology is capable of handling the most demanding application and review processes for awards, grants, scholarships, fellowships, abstracts and more. Accurate, timely, and cost-effective, Open Water streamlines workflows through one ingenious platform that eliminates points of failure and bolsters your brand. IBC is now an implementation partner of iMIS Inspire, powered by Open Water.

Simplicity at its best.

Whether you opt to use Open Water to collect nominations for awards, build conference sessions, tally votes for a board of elections, or virtually any other application process, integration with your existing iMIS platform ensures a smooth, seamless user experience. Put IBC’s experience to work for you to integrate Open Water’s all-in-one tool right into your website for maximum ease of use for your constituents. Life gets easier for you, too, when you can readily review all of the data in one place and effortlessly compare results. With so many potential benefits to be had, it’s hard to believe that IBC makes it all happen with a simple one-time configuration.

Are you ready to remove application hassles and get down to business? With IBC and Open Water, even the most demanding application and review process are a breeze. Contact our experts today.

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