“Another happy iMIS and IBC customer! Listen in to hear how Michelle Yoon of Board of Certification Accreditation International has achieved great things with iMIS Regulatory Software.”
“After what could only be described as a calamitous iMIS installation with another vendor, IBC has completely transformed our experience with the product. The team at IBC is dedicated, professional and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of iMIS. They have made happy iMIS clients of us, which had you asked me a year ago, I would have said was impossible.”
-Maryann Fiala
Director of Marketing & Communications
Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals
“IBC has been a great resource. They take the time to understand our systems and needs, help us to create solutions that work for our staff and provide valuable input as we look to implement the evolving iMIS features.”
-Barbara Kincaid
Director, Corporate Relations, ACLI
“IBC has been our trusted solution provider since iMIS was rolled out in 2004. Due to their solid, forward-thinking implementation, we’ve had the structure to amass our data in a consistent, logical fashion. Over the years, they leave no stone unturned during our iMIS upgrades, each time providing for as smooth a transition as possible. They follow through and our projects are documented in detail – which has proven invaluable. They hire quality staff with whom we enjoy working. They are a reliable, trusted source, from minor support issues to emergency situations. Put simply, IBC delivers.”
-Carmen Gloukhoff
Director of Database Administration
International Association of Fire Fighters