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Many membership organizations capture and store their precious data in disconnected silos, leaving them with little information about the individuals, businesses and donors with whom they interact. If your association, non-profit or union is among them, removing those data silos can help your organization quickly access the right information so you can make the best business decisions on a dime. Acumen, a potent data analytics platform from Association Analytics, combines data from key source systems into an intuitive, cloud-based platform, empowering you with complete, accurate information from all your data sources. With the help of IBC’s experienced iMIS integration team, you can effortlessly tap into your email marketing, finance, and other vital systems to get the critical data everyone in your organization needs.

Leave your data hassles behind with Association Analytics.

Is your organization struggling to get data out of existing transactional systems that may be great for storage, but not for easy retrieval? Are you relying on time-consuming manual reports that are often inaccurate? Do you often have multiple versions of reports that leave everyone trying to determine which one to rely on for major decisions? For all of these common data issues and more, Association Analytics and IBC have you covered. With Association Analytics’ robust data analytics software and our award-winning technology solutions, accessing, utilizing, and understanding the valuable data in your association’s systems has never been easier.

If your membership organization is ready to improve its efficiency, lower costs and make more informed decisions faster, then it’s time for IBC and Association Analytics. Contact our experts today.

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