Three Smart Ways to Enhance Member Engagement with Mobile Apps

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What’s the key to gaining new members and retaining existing ones?

Hint: it’s not just about having a great website anymore. Apps are becoming essential for any organization that wants to truly engage its audience. From unions to professional associations and beyond, people want to be able to quickly and easily find what they need with just a tap of their phone.

Grow your membership by reaching people where they already are.

A data analytics firm, Flurry, recently found that U.S. smartphone users spend an average of four hours on their mobile devices each day, with apps accounting for as much as 89% of that time. Mobile apps are conveniently accessible for these users no matter their location or time of day. Going mobile is also eco-friendly, eliminating the need for wasteful printed resources. With limitless options available and endless benefits to be had, it pays to harness the power of mobile app technology. Here are three of the many clever ways you can use apps to boost your member engagement:

  1. Create remarkable event experiences: If your membership organization is like most, you probably host a number of events of various sizes and types throughout the year. Workshops, continuing education courses, annual conferences, regional events and more can all be enhanced by the accessibility of information that event apps offer. Increase attendance by announcing upcoming meetings and festivities, allowing people to RSVP, and connecting to calendars that send automatic reminders. Provide agendas to keep busy participants on track, create interest by sharing speaker information, provide helpful interactive maps for wayfinding in unfamiliar venues, and share digital presentations so there’s no need for wasteful and cumbersome hardcopy handouts. You’ll enjoy better outcomes at your events when people always have access to the information they need right at their fingertips.
  2. Give members the inside scoop: Using push notifications and alerts judiciously can help your audience stay ‘in the know’ about special member opportunities, such as events, discounts, and important information. The key is not to overdo it: use push notifications only to share information that’s specific, relevant and valuable. You can even maintain an optimal presence by tailoring your messages and timing to accommodate individual user preferences.
  3. Provide a comprehensive membership resource. With a mobile app, you can easily create a fixed, year-round membership resource for your association. You probably have a lengthy set of rules or policies. Why not ditch the paper and upload a digital version of your association’s handbook for easy access? App platforms make it easy to keep members involved by providing a calendar of the many upcoming meetings and events. Boost engagement by encouraging members to message and communicate with each other via inboxes or a social-style feed.

Mobile apps are one of the most effective tools for building stronger relationships with key stakeholders.

While this list only represents the tip of the iceberg, just having an app isn’t enough. It also means developing a consistent communication strategy and sharing robust, relevant and timely content with your audience.

For nearly 20 years, IBC has been delivering elite, award winning software consulting services to membership organizations of all types and sizes. If you’re ready to take your member engagement to new levels, please contact our helpful professionals today.

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