Six Little-Known Ways Technology Helps Nonprofit Organizations

Six Little-Known Ways Technology Helps Nonprofit Organizations

If you thought forward-thinking tech solutions were just for commercial entities, think again. Technology helps nonprofit organizations in some unique and impressive ways.

Nonprofits have certain disadvantages in comparison to the for-profit sector. They often lack operating funds and have shortages in manpower, which makes it challenging to complete the important work their missions require. But by making the best use of technology, nonprofits can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. The right solutions allow organizations to work smarter instead of harder, plan for current and future needs with greater precision, and prioritize time and money more accurately.

Here are six often-overlooked ways technology helps nonprofit organizations be the best they can be.

 1. Efficiency gets a boost.

Labor-intensive manual processes are outdated and unproductive. They waste physical resources and human labor, neither of which nonprofit organizations can afford. Technology relies heavily on automation, streamlining processes and freeing up time for important tasks like fundraising, compliance, community service, volunteer organizing, and other activities that drive the mission forward.

2. Better attend to community needs.

Nonprofits strive to help as many people as they can through their products and service offerings. Technology makes it possible to greatly expand this reach far beyond the physical location, increasing the capacity to better serve intended populations.

3. Fundraising efforts enjoy a helping hand.

The right technology helps nonprofits significantly increase their revenue-generating opportunities and opens new channels to secure more donations. Many contributors prefer the convenience of donating electronically, which also expedites the process and saves money. Fundraising gets even easier with short online forms that are prefilled with the benefactor’s information, allowing monies to be donated in an instant.

4. Transparency is enhanced.

Nonprofits depend on openness and honesty to build a solid reputation and attract donors. Report generation can take a long time when it’s done manually and errors can easily occur, which can cast doubt on the credibility of the organization. The right technology eliminates those issues by allowing the organization to generate and share accurate, real-time reports with selected stakeholders. Robust data and powerful metrics are just a click away, making it easy to illustrate the successes.

5. It saves money in the long run.

There are initial costs with technology implementation, but over time, that investment helps defray costs on a number of fronts. It reduces operational costs and improves efficiencies. And if you choose a cloud-based service, simplified access to your organization’s data will save both time and money. It also removes the concern of paying for unwanted features because most cloud computing services are pay-as-you-go. If you don’t use it, you won’t be doling out money on it. The pay-as-you-go system also applies to the data storage space. You’ll receive and pay for only as much capacity as your needs require.

6. Risks are mitigated.

Just like for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations are concerned about digital risks and technology can be a huge help in this effort. Nonprofits need to collect certain personal and business information from their members and donors, and they have a responsibility to protect that sensitive data. Robust cybersecurity measures can help reduce the risk of hacking. Cloud-based technology also helps to protect data and it virtually eliminates the possibility of losing important documents and databases. It has the power to protect the organization’s assets while reducing any potential legal liability.

The right technology helps nonprofit organizations serve the community and deliver on their missions in new and better ways. If you’re ready to apply these benefits to your organization, IBC’s friendly experts are here to answer your questions and guide you through every step of the process. Please contact us to get started. 

About IBC: At IBC, we have a deep understanding of the critical business needs and processes specific to associations, non-profits, and unions. We ‘get’ your culture, your goals, and what drives you, too. Focused exclusively on and dedicated to delivering the most effective AMS, LMS, and Cloud Financial Software for our clients, we’re well-versed in identifying and applying the integration techniques that will save you time and money. Since 2001, our cutting-edge products, unparalleled responsiveness, and award-winning services have helped organizations like yours increase their operational and financial performance by leveraging best practices and proven solutions. For more information about IBC, please visit the website at or call 443.603.0215.

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