Regulatory Communities Get an Innovative Boost Thanks to IBC & System Automation

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The MyLicense® Platform

System Automation (SA) is an established leader providing comprehensive regulatory software solutions for over 25 years. SA’s length of time in business demonstrates their ability to successfully satisfy the complex needs of state government agencies, licensing boards, and commissions by developing systems with the singular focus of licensure, permitting, and enforcement oversight operations. SA continuously seeks to innovate for its customers and enable responsive government, from its first client-server-based solution to its latest mobile-friendly, cloud-enabled SaaS platform — MyLicense.

For over 21 years, Intuitive Business Concepts (IBC) has helped associations, charitable organizations, unions, and businesses reduce their stress around technology by providing best-in-class products and consulting services. As an iMIS Authorized Solution Provider (AiSP), Sage Technology Partner, and as a new collaboration partner with System Automation, government agencies can feel good about technology too!

Improve your operations

By leveraging the highly configurable MyLicense platform, implemented in partnership with System Automation and IBC, organizations will benefit by:

  • Eliminating paper-driven processes,
  • Improving user experience with intuitive self-service offerings,
  • Saving time while increasing efficiencies through automation, and
  • Secure data, robust reporting and transparency.

Licensing Made Simple

SA’s MyLicense Platform has evolved to support many regulatory needs including permitting, compliance, enforcement, payments, transaction accounting, mobile inspections, investigations, case management, public verification, comprehensive reporting, and online self-service for applicants and license seekers. MyLicense is currently used to manage operations for agencies in 22 states regulating nearly 800 different professions, occupations, and industries.

The MyLicense Platform is the newest regulatory platform on the market that has been built from the ground up to reimagine how agencies need to accomplish their business goals in today’s new reality where everything is connected, cloud, and mobile ready.

  • MyLicense is a platform that is dedicated to the business of regulation and as such is built specifically to satisfy core business needs.
  • It is NOT a generic CRM platform that will require expensive customization to meet your underlying business needs.
  • Although it is a regulatory point solution, MyLicense still comes with the scalability and configurability to be used at the enterprise level.
  • The configurability of the MyLicense Platform is unmatched and provides the flexibility to easily adapt to inevitable changes without incurring unexpected costs.
  • The MyLicense Platform is API Driven from the ground up to anticipate and enable future integrations and use cases with custom applications to interact with the underlying data.

Intuitive Software
MyLicense’s easy and intuitive interface guides users through all online processes, ensuring they get it right the first time, allowing for quick processing.

Responsive Design
MyLicense can be accessed from anywhere on any device right out of the box on all popular desktop browsers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing everyone to be highly responsive.

Secure Data
MyLicense is hosted within a FedRAMP certified cloud infrastructure providing the highest level of security and peace of mind.

To learn more or to schedule a demo, please contact us.

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