Raising the Bar: How is your Digital Transformation Improving Member Experiences?

Melissa Mack - Raising the Bar Webinar

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During these most challenging times for associations, it’s important for Association leaders to step into their member’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Is your digital presence delivering meaningful and actionable experiences to your members?

At this panelist webinar, we’ll hear from two experts on how they adopted digital transformation strategies to elevate the member digital experience:


Cody Kauhl, web development manager at the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, examines how they digitally transformed their web presence by launching a new website that provides competitive member services, a curated and searchable body of knowledge that assists members in their current projects and also promotes the use of precast concrete through a fully personalized and digitized web experience.

Melissa Mack, partner at Intuitive Business Concepts, highlights how they help clients digitally transform by collapsing the distance between website and business system so every interaction is a web experience, through embracing automation and increasing dynamic engagement while ensuring a trustworthy source of data.

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