Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Today, more than ever before, learning management systems are a critical need. From associations and nonprofits to unions, IBC’s learning management platform helps create inspired and engaging learning for all membership-based organizations — from anywhere!
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Make exceptional the norm.

When your organization needs innovative ways to engage its learners, turn to IBC.

Our robust Learning Management System (LMS) solutions make it easy to deploy and track an array of online learning initiatives, leading to better outcomes. With this vast repository of information at your fingertips, corporations, educational institutions, associations, non-profits, and unions all stand to benefit from these robust eLearning tools. Whether you’re seeking to improve organizational performance, increase employee satisfaction, foster member engagement, or drive consistency across multiple locations, the right LMS can make it happen.

Who Can Benefit From An LMS?

Get connected to a whole new level of dynamic learning.

A web- or cloud-based LMS offers users the benefit of any time, anywhere access. Relevant coursework can be completed whenever it’s convenient, rather than at a pre-determined time that may conflict with other responsibilities. LMS solutions also allow users to access a variety of training courses at any location, from any computer or mobile device. Collaborative learning tools can even be leveraged to provide new avenues for users to interact and connect with their peers.

One solution, many applications. In business, real learning happens when the on-the-job application is combined with meaningful assessment, so learners can master the necessary skills to drive performance through the roof. Having a robust LMS in place allows relevant online courses and other content to be readily accessed, empowering teams, and boosting metrics. In the educational environment, LMS software provides institutions with a digital space for everything from cooperative problem solving for students to the delivery of online teacher education and training.

Not all Learning Management Systems are created equal. That’s why it’s so important to have a qualified partner who fully understands your organization’s specific requirements and desired outcomes. The solution should be attractive and intuitive for the learner to use, as well as robust and reliable for your organization’s unique needs.

IBC brings it all together! Our award-winning team leads the way in AMS solutions for membership organizations like yours. Contact our experts today.