Harness the Power of an Enterprise Search Platform

Even the best information is ineffective when it can’t be readily accessed.

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Have you ever had the experience of searching for information that resides in multiple locations or with a variety of sources? As frustrating as it is with hardcopy documents, the process can be even more tedious and cumbersome in the complex digital environment. Disparate locations make it easy for important data to get overlooked and for documents to become misplaced, leading to an exasperating user experience and inferior end results. That’s the last thing any membership organization wants for its patrons.

Welcome to the wonderful world of enterprise search.

Many newer software platforms house their data in different clouds, making it virtually impossible for someone to find the information they need from a single search interface. That’s where enterprise search comes in. Simply put, this software solution helps individuals locate the content they need from anywhere, in any format, from inside the organization. Enterprise search systems can index and store many different types of sources, such as file systems, LMS systems, online communities, job boards, PDF documents and the text within the PDF, document management systems and databases. Acting as a single point of contact, users simply enter the information they’re seeking into the search box and they’re greeted with a fully integrated listing of viable results.

Your internal and external stakeholders stand to reap big rewards.

Whether your organization is big or small, trendy or traditional, how well you respond to the informational needs of your employees and members can play a role in their overall level of satisfaction. Enterprise search systems offer big positive impacts, such as:

  • The ability to make better decisions, faster. Enterprise search enables quicker access to information. It offers an efficient way of distilling large amounts of data that has been indexed and made search-friendly. When time is no longer wasted searching and sifting through endless documents, your members become armed with the data needed to make smart decisions on a dime.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness. Although there is an initial cost associated with the implementation of enterprise search, it yields plenty of long-term financial benefits. This robust technology saves time and effort, and increases productivity. The result? Better returns down the road.
  • Better customer service. When a member or prospective member browses through your website for information, it’s imperative that they’re easily able to find what they’re looking for. It’s a much better option to have a content search system in place rather than requiring them to looking manually through dozens of online pages. Accessible information is a big factor in customer satisfaction and enterprise search brings it home.
  • Enhanced employee productivity. By implementing an enterprise software solution, your organization can reduce the amount of time and effort staff members must spend searching for information. It acts as an instinctive single point of contact for all their informational needs. With extra time available, employees can contribute to your organization in a more fruitful way. Having an enterprise search platform in place makes replication of effort a thing of the past and nurtures collaboration. It’s the perfect recipe for vastly improved productivity.

An enterprise search platform can yield serious dividends for your membership organization.

Enabling members and employees to readily access what they’re looking for enhances engagement, improves satisfaction, boosts productivity, and reduces downtime. If you’re seeking to maximize the value of your growing body of knowledge assets, it’s a tool you can’t afford to be without.

Get the help you need from our seasoned experts in search technology. From assessment to implementation and post-launch support, we’ll be there. To learn more or to get started on your customized enterprise search solution, please contact us.

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