Five Best Secrets to Enhanced Data Security with Your Cloud Accounting Software

Five Best Secrets to Enhanced Data Security with Your Cloud Accounting Software

When enhanced data security is a top concern, cloud accounting software is the go-to solution.

How safe is your financial information? No organization, regardless of its size or industry, can afford the dire consequences of a data breach. As your most valuable asset, your sensitive data is vulnerable if you’re relying on outmoded on-premise accounting software. Get ahead of worrisome data security issues with a contemporary cloud-based financial management solution.

In this article, we will explore five invaluable ways that cloud accounting software can provide enhanced data security that delivers superior performance and exceptional peace of mind.

1. Robust login security

The sound security features offered by today’s cloud accounting software safeguard users from data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive financial information. Security begins at login, with measures in place that offer maximum protection out of the gate. These typically include:

  • IP Address Restrictions 
  • Session Timeouts 
  • Minimum Password Length 
  • Password Expirations 
  • Single Sign-On 

2. Customizable security controls and permissions

Cloud accounting software puts you in control. Its fully customizable, controlled access allows you to establish parameters that respond to your specific needs. For example, you can set password rules for users and create inactivity time-outs. Or, set granular role-based permissions to limit data access to specified personnel and perform account monitoring to ensure only authorized users have access to the proper systems. Cloud accounting software enables you to create masterful, tailored security solutions that meet your unique organizational requirements.

3. Detailed audit trails

Used as a comprehensive record to track user activity, audit trails note who accessed certain records, made changes, and when those changes occurred, creating a comprehensive record of user activity. In premier cloud accounting providers like Sage Intacct, this documentation is embedded and provides financial managers with an internal log of key information needed for audits. This log includes: 

  • User Login History: Delivers important login security information as to who is accessing the system, successfully and unsuccessfully. 
  • Database Records: Logs all actions of users including when a record is created, edited, or deleted. 
  • System-Level Audit Trails: Tracks each time there is a change in the system or a user selects a new configuration that affects other users. 
  • Application Integration Audit Trails: Useful for identifying the applications that can access data and protect against security breaches. 

4. Strict compliance with third-party security requirements

Top-tier cloud software solutions comply with various third-party security standards and conduct regular inspections to identify inconsistencies. Providers also undergo regular audits and adhere to security standards such as SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II, ISAE 3402/ISAE 3000, PCI-DCC Level 1, HIPAA, and PrivacyShield/GDPR. In addition, the Sage Intact platform has security certifications such as SOC 2 Type II, which demonstrate its dedication to exceeding standard security parameters and maintaining excellence with strict security compliance.

5. Proactive, real-time monitoring

The preemptive monitoring conducted by today’s elite cloud accounting software providers helps ward off malicious cyber-attacks. Sage Intacct consistently monitors its system to prioritize network security, including firewall logs and remote access activity. 

Enhanced data security is a key facet of today’s best cloud accounting software solutions. For Sage Intacct, it’s an essential part of their business and client philosophy. If you’re seeking a scalable, flexible accounting solution that offers the most rigorous safety measures, look no further than Sage Intacct.

Breathe easy knowing you have the right data practices and enhanced data security in place. Ready to get started or learn more about Sage Intacct? IBC is here to help! Reach out to our friendly experts to get the guidance you need.

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