D2L and Intuitive Business Concepts (IBC) Announce Partnership

Leading Software Consulting Firm Joins D2L Partner Channel

Global learning technology leader D2L announced today that Intuitive Business Concepts (IBC), an award-winning software consulting firm based in Annapolis Maryland, will now offer Brightspace as the preferred learning management system for their clients.

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IBC has over 20 years of experience offering seamless, practical enterprise-level technology solutions that maximize client investment today and position them well for the future. As the COVID-19 crisis drives the move to online learning, IBC has been looking for a learning management system that would provide clients with easy-to-use, innovative, and creative ways to collaborate and learn. After evaluating several options, they chose Brightspace.

“As a long-time technology solutions provider, when we see a product that we think is a game-changer, it definitely gets our attention. That’s how we feel about Brightspace,” says Melissa Mack, Managing Partner of Intuitive Business Concepts. “Now more than ever, member-based organizations need a platform like Brightspace to help them engage and learn without having to completely rehaul their current system. We see all the benefits our partnership with D2L will provide our clients, making it a win-win for all.”

“When someone joins us as a partner in offering Brightspace to their clients, we work hard to translate that vote of confidence into meaningful impact,” says John Baker, President and CEO of D2L. “It’s especially gratifying to work with an organization like IBC, given the two decades of history they have helping clients meet their learning and collaboration goals. We’re excited to help them implement a next-generation learning platform for their clients, particularly at a time when the need for a better learning experience, especially online, has never been greater.”

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