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Melissa Mack-Presenting

NiUG Discovery Dues Special Pricing Now and in the Future


After canceling the in-person event, NiUG planned a three-day event that will help you incorporate the training you will receive into your daily work lives.

We will start with the users' conference portion of the event on October 6th and 7th. The sessions include a keynote panel discussion to kick off each morning, followed by breakout sessions ranging from beginner and intermediate level experiences all the way through to the advanced skill level. We added the advanced level training because we were unable to hold our April event and the need for advanced training in the community is very much ...

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Six Ingenious Ways to Increase Your Revenue with Online Learning


Funding is always a concern for membership organizations.

With typical sources of income like events, sponsorships, and exhibitions thwarted due to the COVID-19 health crisis, it’s time to get innovative about finding alternative ways ...

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Seven Ways Your Association Can Benefit from a Learning Management System


A Learning Management Systems (LMS) can help your association deliver superior member value.

When leveraged effectively, it can be a vital resource in the distribution of professional development materials that attract new members, engage existing ...

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Four Tried and True Ways to Deliver Value for Virtual Event Exhibitors


Event exhibitors and sponsors expect to see a return on their marketing investment.

Whether you’re hosting a physical event, an online exhibit, or a virtual conference, effectively capturing revenue is a priority. You may ...

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