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Why Personalizing the Member Experience Should be a Priority for Your Association


No doubt, your organization offers an abundance of feature-rich products and services to its members.

Whether its educational opportunities, valuable content, discounts, conferences, events, or special reserved benefits,  today’s membership organizations are focused on delivering plentiful rewards in an effort to attract and retain prized supporters. The problem is that everyone values different things. And that’s when those abundant offerings you’re so proud of actually become a confusing detractor.

Enter the personalized customer experience. We all have different needs, interests, and goals. For your members, real value comes when they’re presented with those opportunities that are ...

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Is Your Membership Application Form Designed for Success?


Do you see your membership application as ‘just another form’? Here’s why you might want to think again.

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Fuse Search Webinar with IBC

Webinar for Content-Rich Organizations


Join us February 21, 2020, at Noon

Make all of your content searchable, no matter where it lives!

With API-based federated search, search subscriptions, and AI-powered auto-tagging, content finds your customers, not the other way ...

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Five Smart Ways to Increase Event Attendance


High event attendance leads to robust revenues for your association.

Not only is event attendance an indicator of how well you are—or aren’t—engaging your current constituents, it’s also one of the ...

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