Association Management Software (AMS)

As a leading Authorized iMIS Solutions Provider (AiSP) and the recognized expert in developing robust, enterprise-level management software solutions for associations, membership organizations, non-profits, and unions, IBC knows your business.
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Our business is all about understanding yours.

With decades of industry experience and hundreds of complex technology projects under our belt for organizations much like yours, we understand the unique challenges you face. Our team of responsive, knowledgeable specialists applies their decades of expertise at optimizing iMIS to help you successfully overcome these obstacles. We also know that the business landscape is dynamic and your needs can change in an instant, so we work tirelessly to understand every nuance of your plans and every detail of your goals so we can help you get there—faster, easier and more effectively.
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Associations are about people, not silos.

IBC, we’re here to make it easier for you to serve your constituents—and that can’t happen in a vacuum. By definition, associations are all about engagement, interaction, and collaboration. To make that happen most effectively, you need a robust enterprise-level software solution. And that’s where iMIS comes in. This powerful, industry-leading Engagement Management System (EMS)™ enables your organization to effortlessly serve your constituents anywhere, anytime, on any device. Manage your member database, email marketing, events, online payment processing, and more in one cloud-based, PCI-validated, and mobile-ready system. In short, iMIS helps your association or non-profit be the best it can be.
You won’t believe what you can do with our AMS solutions.
On its own, the iMIS platform is a powerful Engagement Management System for associations like yours. Coupled with our expertise, it dominates the membership organization software landscape. Just take a look below at all the additional functionality and benefits you can obtain!
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Boost engagement, increase retention, and drive growth. Captivate your members with a highly personalized online and mobile experience with every interaction. Involve your constituents and improve donor management with automated and integrated email campaigns. A built-in scoring engine enables you to measure, score, and improve audience engagement. Interactive dashboards also allow you to easily analyze and improve membership campaigns.
Connect your community. Members join associations in order to connect with others in their field or industry and share information, best practices, and learn from each other. User-friendly member portals empower your constituents to connect, communicate, and collaborate online—anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
Eliminate database-web integration needs and reduce expenses. Combining database management and web publishing, this EMS easily publishes member and e-commerce pages that can be updated in an instant. You can even combine transactional and digital data to get accurate, comprehensive member profiles.
Streamline systems and consolidate data silos. iMIS allows you to manage contacts, membership fees, chapters/committees, events, product sales, certification programs, fundraising campaigns, email communications, and more, all in one system. Turn to iMIS to manage your entire website with a gallery of configurable, responsive site templates. Or, integrate to your existing web Content Management System (CMS).
Improve operational efficiencies and make better decisions. Bolster staff productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks for your team through automated emails, scheduled tasks, and personalized alerts. Leverage and configure real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through easily-configured industry-specific dashboards.
Get your organization ready for the cloud! IBC was the first Authorized iMIS Solutions Provider (AiSP) to take clients to the iMIS Cloud. We have the experience and expertise to help your organization migrate to the cloud successfully, be it your first time to Enterprise or a migration from Professional. Your members will rest better knowing your system is more secure in the Microsoft Azure Cloud!
IBC brings it all together! Our award-winning team leads the way in AMS solutions for membership organizations like yours. Contact our experts today.