The Big Benefits Unions Can Gain from iMIS Software

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“Unions generally advocate for policies that benefit all working people—such as minimum wage increases and increased expenditures on schools and public services—that may especially benefit low-income parents and their children.”
—Center for American Progress

Organized labor remains one of the largest institutions in America.

A key avenue for working people to come together in support of their rights and freedoms, there’s no denying that organized labor plays a critically important role in our society. Today, one in nine U.S. workers is represented by a union. When working people join forces to negotiate, they are more likely to have their collective voices heard. They’re also more likely to obtain wage increases, better access to quality health care, improved workplace safety, more reasonable work schedules, and more satisfactory avenues for settling workplace disputes. Unions are a dynamic and ever-evolving foundation of the American economy that exist to give people leverage over their working conditions and an opportunity to achieve shared prosperity.

Monumental missions like these call for robust solutions.

For nearly 30 years, iMIS Union Membership Software has been helping unions propel their purpose-driven agendas forward. For organizations that want to grow revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance, you can’t beat the proven results iMIS delivers. No wonder it’s consistently a top-rated union software solution.

Get the intel you need.

We don’t have to tell you that when you have mission-critical member data at your fingertips, it puts you in the driver’ s seat. As a cloud-based Engagement Management System (EMS), iMIS eliminates the disconnected data silos that impede union growth and profitability. Seamless, user-friendly and mobile-ready, you can engage your members and staff through better experiences than you ever thought were imaginable. With iMIS on your side, your union can easily:

  • Improve staff productivity: Eliminate cumbersome manual tasks through automated emails, scheduled tasks, and personalized alerts
  • Manage financial transactions: Allow manual or electronic dues payments, including secure online payments made directly by members
  • Connect your community: Empower your members to connect, communicate, and collaborate—anytime and from anywhere
  • Deliver timely, appealing communications: Engage your members with personalized, automated, and integrated email campaigns
  • Create a robust, integrated web presence: Choose from a gallery of configurable, responsive site templates or integrate to your existing Content Management System (CMS).
  • Orchestrate flawless multi-faceted events: Manage all aspects of planning, logistics, and registration for conferences, events and training
  • Track bargaining-level activities: Monitor grievance and discipline activities at the bargaining agreement level

Mobilizing your members has never been easier.

IBC’s veteran team of technical experts understands the power of a well-organized union and what it can do for the workers you serve. Our innovative iMIS solutions, seamless integrations and best practices help organizations like yours take your performance to amazing new levels. We make it effortless too, with flexible, power-packed software solutions that are easy to integrate and upgrade. When you want to streamline operations, marshal your resources, and strengthen your union, you can rely on our suite of proven technology solutions.

For nearly 20 years, IBC has been delivering award-winning iMIS software consulting services to unions of all types and sizes. If you’re ready to drive your member engagement to new levels, please contact our helpful professionals today.

About Intuitive Business Concepts (IBC): Since 2001, IBC’s cutting-edge products, unparalleled responsiveness, and award-winning technology services have helped associations, non-profits and unions increase their operational and financial performance. Focused exclusively on and dedicated to delivering the most effective iMIS Engagement Management solutions, IBC is uniquely adept at identifying and applying the integration techniques that save membership organizations time and money. For more information about IBC, please visit the website at or call 443.603.0215.

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