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Igniting membership growth is our specialty.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, professional associations have demanding requirements placed on them. Driving your mission and program performance often take center stage, but you need a growing membership base to get there. For decades, IBC has been serving the association community with industry-leading software platforms that enable you to better communicate, serve, and engage with your members. IBC’s team of seasoned IT experts and association gurus is always ready to deliver forward-thinking solutions that are aligned with your evolving business needs. Extending and accelerating the potent benefits of iMIS, we’re all about positioning your association for success.

Provide your members with great value for their investment dollars.

How great would it be if your association could consistently deliver a top-notch constituent experience? Or if you could easily identify, engage, acquire and retain members? And what if you were able to influence everyone who has an interest in your organization, not just your members? When you put the power of IBC and iMIS to work, those goals go from being pipe dreams to feasible realities. Rely on our friendly team of association management software specialists to deliver world-class innovation and superior results every time.

We’ve got what you need to propel your association forward. Turn to IBC to grow your revenue, reduce your expenses, and improve your overall performance. Contact our experts today.