IE11 is Going Bye-Bye – Make Sure Your iMIS Desktop Doesn’t!

IBC-Goodbye IE11

ASI recently released the following statement regarding the removal of IE11 from workstations.

iMIS Desktop depends on legacy Microsoft technologies that are currently supported by components of the IE 11 desktop application, which will be permanently disabled on some versions of Windows 10 as of the February 2023 Windows security update.

In preparation for this change, ASI has tested iMIS Desktop with IE 11 disabled, as recommended by Microsoft, and no issues were identified.

We will continue to support iMIS Desktop on MS Windows for as long as Windows continues to support legacy technology components that are used by iMIS Desktop.

Since future Microsoft updates may disable support for the technologies used by Desktop, our recommendation for all iMIS clients is to upgrade to current versions of iMIS EMS, which are not dependent on those technologies.

In short, the following are the considerations for your organization depending on your configuration:

  • Running iMIS Desktop from Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 workstations: ASI indicates you may be impacted. You should plan on having a terminal server or Citrix server set up for your team to access the iMIS Desktop in case of disruption on the workstations.
  • Running iMIS Desktop from a Terminal Server or Citrix: ASI indicates your configuration should not be impacted.

You can find the article on ASI’s website at:
If you are interested in obtaining an implementation plan for migrating to iMIS EMS, please contact IBC.

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