IBC Sponsoring iMIS User & Community Virtual Summit: May 18-20, 2021

This event has been promising you to be completely different, not just in the way of offerings but the setup, tracks, variety, and more!  Whether you are a membership or events coordinator, a C level in any of the organizational departments, an iMIS database guru, or just wanting to know more about what to look for when moving to iMIS 2020 – there is much to offer in this new program.

IBC’s very own Melissa Mack is presenting on May 19th:

Getting Ready – Where To Start & Developing a Plan
How do you start thinking about moving to the cloud? How can you get from iMIS 2017 to iMIS Cloud? How can you work without access to everything you always had? You have questions. Come learn how to get started on your plan and manageable steps to the iMIS Cloud and what resources are available to help.

Presenter: Melissa Mack, Intuitive Business Concepts, LLC.
iMIS Version:
 iMIS 2017 (20.2)
Track Moving to iMIS Cloud
Time: 10:45 AM – 11:30 AM

And IBC’s Stacey Muellner is presending on May 20th:

Presenter: Stacey Muellner, Intuitive Business Concepts, LLC
Time: 10:45 AM – 11:30 AM
Track: Advanced Technical
iMIS Versions Covered: iMIS 2017 (20.2)
iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300)
iMIS Cloud Professional (20-100/200)

You have been working on your SSRS report but can’t get it to run from within the iMIS staff site. You need to build reports or certificates that can be sent as a PDF to a customer. Get some tips on using SSRS to best produce the reports and documents you need to create from iMIS data. Bring your issues and questions to find out how you might solve your reporting issues

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