Meet the Only Engagement Management System
Your Organization Will Ever Need


iMIS is an engagement management system (EMS)™ that enables you to manage member data, email communications, events, online payments, and more in one cloud-based, PCI-validated, and mobile-ready system. 

Now you can serve your constituents anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

With iMIS you'll be able to: 

  • Eliminate database-web integration needs and reduce expenses
  • Eliminate database-web integration needs with a single engagement management system (EMS)™ that combines database management and web publishing. Easily publish flexible member and ecommerce webpages. Combine transactional and digital data to get a true 360-degree member profile. 

  • Boost engagement, improve retention, and drive growth
  • Captivate members with a personalized online and mobile experience. Measure, score, and improve engagement with a built-in scoring engine. Analyze and improve membership campaigns with interactive dashboards. 

  • Streamline systems and consolidate data silos
  • Manage contacts, membership fees, chapters/committees, events of all sizes, product sales, certification programs, fundraising campaigns, email communication, and more in one system. Manage your entire website or continue to use your existing web CMS. 

  • Improve operational efficiency and make better decisions
  • Improve staff productivity by automating manual tasks and communications. Leverage interactive dashboards to achieve continuous performance improvement through real-time measurement of key operational metrics. 


iMIS Integrations

iMIS 20-300 includes an open web-based Application Programming Interface (API) that can allow a wide variety of applications to communicate with iMIS, regardless of technology or application platform. Full documentation on the iMIS API is available at