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“We have been with IBC for quite a while and continue our relationship with them as their understanding of iMIS and excellent teamwork move our organization forward. IBC understands our business practices and continually recommend tools that help us get the return on our iMIS investment we are looking for.” 

Illana Maze, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Development
National Association of Health Underwriters
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A software solution is only as effective as it's configured to be. A thoughtful implementation plan is what your organization needs to thrive in today's ever-changing world and to reap the full impact of the technology. 

And it starts with using technology that understands your business needs. Enter iMIS.

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Our experienced team will guide your organization into an easy iMIS upgrade to ensure the latest features and advanced technology are made available to your community.

So sit back and let us take the reigns. 

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IBC is a team of talented professionals who share the common goal to make clients feel good about technology. We pride ourselves on top notch customer service and filling in the gaps to marry our client business processes with our keen understanding of the software.

Learn what we can do for your organization.

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Ever have the feeling you're under-utilizing your iMIS system? Let the IBC team take a peek under the hood and audit your business processes to ensure you're making the most of your iMIS investment.

We'll ask the right questions to get your organization working at peak performance.

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Technology should expand to provide your organization with an ease & efficiency of handling day to day business. Your team should be focused on growing for the future. 

Let our team show you how to maximize the iMIS software so you can do more.

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Even with the greatest technology in place, sometimes you need a solution that uniquely fits your organization. Our skilled developers are familiar with the iMIS platform and know how best to build on it while keeping you in the upgrade path.

Share what you need and we'll review whether it's already included in the iMIS product or discuss something custom.

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These days, your website is the business card for your organization. Lucky for you, the iMIS software installs with a powerful RiSE platform with beautiful & responsive website templates built right in.

Contact us to see client examples of the RiSE platform in action. We'll show you how to style your iMIS website to express your organization's brand and vision.