Coming together in a circle for unity

Mobilize your members like never before.

At IBC, we believe that the work of you and your members is of vital importance to the world. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been proudly helping to advance the missions of hundreds of thousands of union members across the nation. Our innovative iMIS software solutions, integrations, and best practices are instrumental in helping unions like yours to grow revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance. IBC’s experienced team of technical experts understands the power of a well-organized union and what it can do for the workers you serve. When you want to streamline operations, marshal your resources, and strengthen your organization, rely on our suite of proven technology solutions.

Feel good about your future.

With the right tools in place, the outlook for your union is bound to be bright. Packing a broad range of powerful features and insightful data, our iMIS solutions and custom integrations take your union to unheard of new heights. Seamless, user-friendly and mobile-ready, you can engage your staff with better user experiences than you ever thought were imaginable. IBC’s team of experts makes it effortless too, with flexible software solutions that are easy to integrate and upgrade. When you want to boost involvement, improve retention, encourage participation, and drive growth, we’ll be with you all the way.
When it’s time for your union to deliver impressive results, turn to IBC. You supply the challenges, we’ll bring the solutions. Contact our experts today.