Remote work, virtual events, online learning, & more.

The impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is forcing organizations to reconsider everything they had planned for 2020. IBC is here to help you weather the storm. As we uncover new product integrations and services that we can make available to you and your organization, we will include them below.

Virtual Events & Conferences

reassigned virtual rooms to virtual rooms A majority of our customers depend on annual meetings, conferences, and summits to raise awareness, engage members and inspire others to join. The impact of COVID-19 virus is forcing organizations to reconsider their all-important events in 2020. While there is no way to replace the immersive experience of a physical event there is hope for those that need to urgently transition to a virtual conference while abiding by the expectations of attendees, presenters, and sponsors.

The Process
The first step is beginning to transfer the breakout sessions and keynote speakers from physical rooms to virtual rooms. Think of each virtual room as a unique webinar room. Each virtual room will be accompanied by its own host. Similar to physical rooms, hosts who would have otherwise helped with the projector and microphone will now play the same role administering the Zoom meeting.

The room host will have a small set of responsibilities to ensure a productive session. These steps will ensure the presenter is not burdened with the technology side and ensure all attendees can virtually network, or ask questions.

Finally, we want to record all the sessions, perhaps this will be a small bonus in the eyes of attendees.

Need Help?

Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the process and help you get set up so you can salvage your 2020 event/conference plans by going virtual.