Web Scribble

Recruitment and hiring just got easier.

web scribble logo With your membership organization’s branding front and center, wouldn’t you love to engage and attract talent, offer more feature-rich benefits to your members, and create an outstanding experience for job seekers and employers? Web Scribble’s innovative job board software solutions make it all possible. Since 2001, hundreds of associations and organizations throughout the world have utilized their robust, intuitive career centers to drive association non-dues revenue and create exceptional user experiences.

A powerful resource for job seekers and employers.

With Web Scribble’s easy-to-use platform in place, employers can post jobs on a dime and quickly find the new talent they need. Integrated with the potent features iMIS offers, it allows members searching for new jobs to sign into the career center, access their iMIS profiles, and even register to receive targeted email notifications about new jobs that meet their specific requirements. Your organization can take advantage of sophisticated engagement scoring integration to gain a deeper understanding of your members’ engagement through the career center, driving actionable insights and non-dues revenue. A faster, easier and more refined user experience on all types of devices delivers added appeal for your association members. Leading-edge technology like this fuels unmatched revenue opportunities and a powerful one-two punch.
Get an edge on your competition with convenient one-stop recruitment and hiring. With the muscle of IBC and WebScribble in place, the doors to improved member engagement swing wide open. Contact our experts today.